November 16, 2012

how much is too much?

I interrupt the usual craftastic posts with a question for y'all- how much is too much personal information to share when blogging? This is a question that is often on my mind and one that I don't have an answer for.

I had another blog for many years where I shared all sorts of stuff- crafty, personal, political, faith related... everything! I shut that down last spring though and imported all of the crafty related posts to this space. But now I feel like my voice on this blog isn't as authentic as it should be. Let me clarify- this space is ME. All me! :) Goofy, inappropriate, passionate and all of the stuff in between. But there's SO MUCH of me that I leave out of this blog... and I don't know if that's good, bad or neither.

My goal with making the transition from the old space to {me and elna} was to be inclusive of all folks who may be looking for a place to read about crafty adventures. I think I've done that! I never want to allienate anyone from my blog but I now wonder if I'm alienating myself in that pursuit.

Life is full and tricky and beautiful. And sometimes it's much less beautiful than we'd like for it to be, but it's still ours and it's a gift... I want to get back to sharing some of these aspects of my personal life but I also don't want to feel like I'm giving parts of me that should be reserved for those who share with me too and who love me and I love them. Does that make sense? Guess I need to find what that balance is to me and how to practice it here.

What do y'all think?

xo, Kara


  1. I think - and I'm a newer blgoger, so don't take my word as gospel, but this is how I tend to think of blogging:

    I don't talk about faith or religion, but I don't mind people who do, so long as they are respectful and not bashing on others.

    I don't talk about politics because it can be such an explosive topic, and I don't like debating it. When the elections rolled around, I enjoyed seeing that I had friends on both sides with strong opinions, but it made me sad when people started spewing venom at each other.

    I don't talk about real-job on my blog - I don't mind at all when people do, I just like to keep that realm of privacy.

    I DO talk about my family and friends, but I try to be respectful of the fact that some of them don't want information shared about them.

    What is it you want to share that you feel you have been limiting?

  2. I read a number of blogs regularly that also incorporate the writers personal opinions/values/loves and hates. And sometimes, their views are different from mine, but it doesn't mean I won't read them anymore.

    We're all people and what makes us different is what makes us great! If someone doesn't want to read a post about politics/religion/whatever you feel like ranting about, then they don't have to!

    Be YOU! It's YOUR blog!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog seconds ago, but figured I'd throw my 2 cents in. A blog's theme is usually what draws me in, but the personal touches are what keep me in. A close friend of mine is VERY into blogging, she has turned it into part of her family's income. Really the only reason I read her blog and follow her is because I know her personally. She is so quriky and funny and opinionated, but none of that shows in her blog. In the process of being ultra inclusive, she's lost her spark. Her blog is so generalized that it's almost like a computer is posting for her.

    I guess my point is - don't lose your voice! Yes, you might turn away SOME people by sharing things they don't like/want to hear about, but the people who stay will feel more connected to you! And in the anonymous world of internet bloggers, it's nice to see personal tid bits.

    There ya go, my 2 cents :) Take care!

  4. What I love is how hilarious and entertaining you are, and I understand wanting to not alienate people blah blah blah, but I think you can still be "you" while talking crafty things---there are a jabillion crafty blogs out there, and some of them are so similar that they're just kind of boring to me, even if the projects are inspiring. I vote, be who you want to be in your blog, when you feel like it. You don't have to be hilarious in a tutorial, but if you include a section on the crazy mistake you made and how you fixed it, with your hilarious personality showing through, some people, people like me, ok crazy people, would find that encouraging, and human, and probably hilarious....

  5. I understand what you mean. There are loads of bloggers that won't use real names, won't show pictures of their kids etc. I like to share my life and I like to be real - I think it's important, it makes you more authentic. Plus I think you are awesome and hilarious so more of YOU please :) But there is a fine line. Obviously Trevor is a huge part of my life, being my husband and all, but he works in a job where he cannot have a social media presence or be open about his identity in places he can't control it (the internet)so I don't mention him much and I never post photos of him. I think just blog about the things you love, and your voice will shine through :)

  6. The perfect blogs are great for inspiring projects, but the perfect, bland, Martha stewartish authors usually give me pinterest-type inadequacy anxiety feelings....

  7. I like you. Whatever you write, I'll read.

  8. I think you should share whatever you want. You are your blog and you don't let people tell you what you can talk about or not. There are some things I wouldn't talk about mainly for security reasons, but as I said blog about whatever you want, I will still follow you!

  9. Yep, that makes perfect sense. And it's something that I struggle with on my own blog. I often get the urge to write about random things and then I tell myself: is it about art? No? Well, forget it. Which I find frustrating. I don't sew (and have no intention of starting) but Kara, the reason your blog is so dynamic and wonderful for me is your 'voice'. It's strong, it's funny, it's engaging and I really get a sense of you in your writing. So as long as you hold onto that, that's the most important thing. And I think it's ok to have the odd random off-topic post. As long as you're not stepping across your own privacy boundaries, then go for it! I read blogs because they're written by real people :)

  10. I think it's your 'property' you're smart and witty and sensible you're on the right track, well done I'd say you've already found the magic xxx


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