November 8, 2012

all i want for christmas is...

Have I ever told you how much I love Christmas? Seriously, love it like Snooki loves Aquanet. I try to make a lot of the gifts I give but, when time runs out, I head over to Etsy! This week I'm going to share with y'all some of my favorite shops there to help you out with your Christams gift buying.

You're welcome. :)

For prints, my top four shops [so far] on Etsy are Peanutoak Prints, handz, Sugar Fresh and Judy Kaufmann.

Peanutoak Prints sells prints of one of my favorite things- Russian nesting dolls!
source/buy it here

I've also recently discovered Catherineholm and they feature a great rendering of her fun enamelwear-
source/buy it here

Handz also features lots of fun kitchen prints, including these winners!

source/buy it here

source/buy it here

And, wouldn't you know it, more Russian nesting dolls!
source/buy it here; if anybody's listening, this would make a great Christmas gift for any red-headed girls who happen to like Russian nesting dolls... do you know anybody like that?

I also really like this print from them!
source/buy it here
Sugar Fresh appears to be marketing themselves as a shop for kiddo prints but I think several of theirs would be great for any age! Especially this tree:
source/buy it here

Super cute, right?

Drum roll- I have saved the best for last, friends. Judy Kaufmann is pretty much my favorite print maker on all of Etsy. Ever. Forever. And ever. She is based out of Barcelona (spot of Kara and Heather's Excellent Adventure 2012) and I love just about everything she makes. Some of my favorites are:

source/buy it here

source/buy it here
source/buy it heref

source/buy it here
Buying prints from Etsy is such a great gift! Not only are these unique items that you wouldn't find anywhere else (bonus points for you, oh thoughtful gift giver) but you're also helping to support small businesses. And then, to counteract that bit of goodness, head over to IKEA for a $10 frame to put the guy in. ;)

I'll be back later next week to share some more of my favorite Etsy shops with you that are full of handmade fabric goodness!

 xo, Kara


  1. Cute, cute, cute! I haven't been over to etsy in awhile...thanks for the reminder!


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