August 20, 2012

{get in my belly}: cinnamon apple sauce

For the past week or so, we've been having some kick booty BEAUTIFUL weather here in Cincinnati! High 70s and low 80s with no humidity and fluffy coulds? Yes, please! This weather has got me jonesing for fall like nobody's business. I LOVE fall! I love my weekend uniform of jeans and hoodies, a nip in the air and the extreme beauty that the trees burst with. Seriously, makes me happier than a big girl with a plate of cheese fries.

To get in the fall mood, I decided to try my hand at making homemade cinnamon apple sauce. I looked up several recipes online and then merged a handful of them to make what it is pretty dang tasty. This recipe makes about two cups of applesauce, next time I'll probably double everything so I have a good bit to keep for myself to have throughout the week.


Peel, core and cut up apples and place in crock pot set on low heat. Drizzle 2 tsp of lemon juice on top.

Sprinkle 5 tbsp of brown sugar and 5 tbsp of cinnamon on the apples.

Let cook in crock pot for 6 hours, stirring every hour and a half or so.

After 6 hours- badda bing, badda boom- you have homemade, cinnamon applesauce!

This applesauce was a bit chunky but I really liked it that way. If you're more keen to smooth applesauce, you could use an immersion blender to puree the mother.

Peeps, this cinnamon applesauce was SO GOOD!!! Ridiculously easy to make and I love that I knew everything that I was putting in my body when I ate it. While stirring this at around hour 3, about half of the apples were still in their previous, cut up, state and I think that would be so tasty over low-fat vanilla ice cream... a nice treat to have in the fall instead of a big heavy piece of apple pie with regular ice cream on top. At least that's what my hips are telling me.

Enjoy! :)
xo, Kara
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