August 3, 2012

around the interweb

I love reading crafty blogs sew (womp, womp...) much! I get tons of inspiration from creative folks online, through both blog posts and on Instagram (I'm me_and_elna ; look me up, yo!). On the top of this blog, you'll find a page titled crafty blogs which contains lots of links to some of my favorite inspiring places on the internet.

The peeps listed on that page have not disappointed in the inspiration category this week! Here are a few of my favorites as of late:

Bijou Lovely shared a visual tour of her sewing room HERE.
Isn't it gorgeous?! I love how the fabric is really what is on display here, with her eclectic furniture as the backdrop. Totally encouraging me to make a mini quilt for my sewing room wall...

Beki at Artsy Crafty Babe is rekindling Gratitude Friday on her blog, where weekly she'll share different things in life that she's grateful for. I'm an appreciation junkie so I LOVE this! Maybe I'll share a few of my own Gratitude Fridays here...

Kelley at Casa Crafty blogged about making reusable "paper" towels from a tutorial that she pinned on Pinterest.
Isn't this a great idea?! I am a big fan of cloth napkins but the mrs. loves having a roll of paper towels that are easy to tear from when needed- I think this is the perfect solution for us! If you'd prefer to buy one of these doozies instead of getting your craft on, you can do so HERE at green by mama made.

Jill- the girl with the moxie- made my heart go pitter patter when she posted these fun nightlights she recently listed in her Etsy shop!
I could maybe, maaaaaaybe, figure out how to make one of these guys but for the reasonable price of $10, I think I'm just gonna go ahead and buy one from homegirl. :)

Apparently the Olympics are on though I haven't watched them after that downer of an opening ceremony on Friday night. I actually heart big time the gymnastics shizzle I just seem to be missing it! What I didn't miss, however, was this little nugget of truth from someecards:

Also, since I just made that seamless (more sewing humor!) transition from crafty blogospher links to nutty blogosphere finds, look what else I discovered on the internet!

That is none other than Kim from Hitched and Stitched and me, preparing for our karaoke debut of "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" by Kiki Dee and Elton John. What are the chances of me finding this beautiful picture on the internet?! It's a Christmas miracle, I tell you.

Well, that's what has been inspiring me- and making me giggle- this week! Wonder what I should make next- a mini quilt for my sewing room or reusable "paper" towels? Or maybe I should go shopping for a plaid leisure suit and funny sunglasses down the yellow brick road? Humm... tough decision. I definitely need a cupcake first to clear my mind. ;)


PS: If a picture of yours has been featured in this post and you'd prefer that it not be, please contact me at meandelnaATgmailDOTcom and I'd be happy to remove it!


  1. So I'm laying in bed here, using my phone and Google Reader to catch up on my bloggingtons. And doot doot doot I'm reading through your post and, wait, what?!? Hold the front door! That's me! So glad you think I rock, because I think you rock too! Thanks for the shout out.

  2. And then the olympic/cupcake someecard made me cackle with delight. I showed it to my husband and was like, omg, this is so funny. He told me it was funny, but not cackle like a nutter on the bed, like I was. I say, no cupcakes for him!

  3. I love reading craft blogs - but sometimes I start to feel like I'm a tiny crafter sitting alone sewing with no one to talk to. :-/ :P

  4. You are funny. Reusable paper thanks. But I do use cloth napkins.


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