May 8, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like i forgot to post about mom's christmas quilt...

After I posted about my Christmas table runner last week I realized that I never shared the quilt that I made for my mom in December! Lordy mercy, folks; graduate school messed me up! ;)
I cut the pieces for her quilt a good two years ago and I actually used a pattern for the squares (I was a newbie sewer, yo) so I won't share steps... also, I haven't a clue where I got the pattern or I'd for sure give a shout out!
Anywho, even though I'm not giving steps, since they're not mine to give, you can probably figure it out by looking at the following pictures I took-
How ya like that fancy ironing board? Yep- it's a towel doubled up on the kitchen counter. :)

Back side

Holy freaking MOLY, I used to be a terribly inaccurate cutter!!! Don't worry, I squared the mother up. :)
After I did some squaring surgery magic, I laid out the squres on the dining room table and discovered...

It was a super duper dark quilt.

And it was teeny. Womp, womp... :(

This happens to me a lot- making things that aren't big enough! Goes back to not following patterns, I suppose. This situation worked out perfectly though because it gave me the opportunity to add some white sashing to both lighten it up and make it bigger! And we know how much I love adding white sashing to quilts. :)

Here we go- the finished project!

Mom loved it! :)
Didn't the size end up great for a nice, cozy lap quilt?
BIG shout out to Kim at Hitched & Stitched for quilting this for me! Remember how the past two years of life, graduate school has been trying to steal my soul? Well, homegirl has stepped in numerous times when needed... including quilting for me at Christmas time. She is A-OK. :)


  1. I AM a-ok, aren't i! :) I love that quilt. But, just so we're still 100% clear, remember....I'm NEVER doing it again. EVER! :)


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