March 27, 2012

something to lay my head on

I recently read a blog post by Tula Pink (who, you already know, is one of my favorite fabric designers!) where she shared that she loves making voile pillowcases. VOILE pillowcases?! Why hadn't I ever thought of that?! Voile is so soft and silky and it's sure to send a girl into dreams of fairy princesses and unicorns and cotton candy...
I digress.
So, I made a set of beautiful voile pillowcases... but I can't show them to you! GAH! I'm part of Rachael from imagine gnats craft swap, the covert robin (FAQs on the robin here), and my special secret bloggie friend hasn't yet recieved the yummy voile pillowcases in the mail (+ a little something extra that I made for her). But, as soon as she does receive them I'll be sure to post pictures of them here. Plus, I'll be guest blogging over on her site and I'll be sure to let you know when that is too so you can hope over and leave some comment love. :)
Never fear though, just because I can't share my covertly made voile pillowcases doesn't mean I don't have any pillowcases to share with you!
I got this lovely Anna Maria Horner print and solid from my favorite fabric store in the world, Sewn Studio in Cincinnati.

I originally tried to take a picture of one of the pillowcases laid out flat but Michael would have none of that...

After those, I pulled out some gorgeous Amy Butler fabric (from Sewn too, of course) and made these pillowcases-
I haven't put these in pillows yet but I'm sure they will look GORGEOUS! :)
I've also been trying my hand at crochet! Remember how my mom taught me how a few weeks ago? Well, I ripped out what I started (it was nanners, yo) and started again. Here's where I am so far!

You know that throw underneath it is made with cozy Anna Maria Horner flannel. :)

This bitch afghan is going to take 10 years to finish, I'm convinced of it. But it is so much fun being able to create something and not be chained to the sewing machine... so nice. :)

There you go friends, my creations from the past week! What have you been working on?


  1. You are talented! I wish we lived closer and I could come to your house for tutorials of all things sewing and all of your newest creations!


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