February 17, 2012

pining for pinterest

Do you pin? No, not like this...

Like this!

I am so addicted to Pinterest it's not even funny (if you want to follow me on it, click the button on the right side of this blog)! I use this site as a way to organize things I see online that I want to [potentially] replicate at home- recipes, sewing projects, DIY for the house, decorating ideas, etc. I started using the site last year and I swear I lost the month of May to it.

One of my favorite boards on Pinterest is called "Word" and it's where I pin inspirational or funny quotes. This one has spoken to me greatly.

Sometimes, I am so self assured and confident that I wonder where it's coming from. Other times... eh, not so much. I imagine that a lot of people feel this way and just aren't talking about it.

Pinterest is a prime example of how the image above is a reflection on my feelings. I love our condo; it's not huge but it's ours and it is so cozy. I'm proud that we were able to buy it when I was just 27 and every time the mortgage is paid, I feel so good knowing that we're investing our money in something real... you know, instead of crap at Macy's. Oh gosh, how I love Macy's...

I digress.

Back to Pinterest. Pinterest is full of pictures of beautiful homes with beautiful things. Kitchens with sparkling subway tile for the backsplash...
Source: houzz.com via Kara on Pinterest

living rooms that look like they just came off the pages of a magazine...

and bedrooms to die for.
Source: houzz.com via Kara on Pinterest

You know what all of this causes me to do? COVET. And not just covet but look around my house and think "Eeeek! This place is so not pretty!".

If you've been to my house, you probably think it's cute. Frankly, I do most of the time too. But looking at Pinterest and all of the pretty pictures makes me feel so inferior sometimes. And, holy cow, does it make me second guess myself! I look at the pictures and I think "our house should look like that" then I look at something compeltely different and think "no! that is how our house should look!". It's a dirty cycle, people.

Is there ever a time in our lives when we feel completely sure of who we are, what we're doing, where we're headed and yes, even how our houses look? I've never considered myself to be a person who compares herself against others and their lives... my living room though, that's a different story. ;)

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  1. Good post! You are right...got to keep the right focus while on pinterest...positive thoughts. And not "keeping up eith the joneses" thoughts!


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