April 27, 2010

back on the wagon

I have taken a sewing hiatus lately, not for lack of wanting to create but for lack of hours in the day.  I made a quilt for Manly's birthday back in February so it seemed only fitting to make birthday quilts for the Lollies who turn 7 next month.  Did I just say 7?!  SEVEN?!  It's a little hard to believe but that's what the calendar says.
Initially I thought to make pinwheel quilts for them.  I drafted up a quick picture in Paint to figure the piecing out.
To make these pinwheels, I decided to sew two 10-inch squares together on opposite sides, right side to right side, then cut them down the middle.  After I started doing this I realized that I would be piecing them together a little differently than I had planned- 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other.  Really doesn't matter.  What DOES matter though is my skill level.  I sewed 4 of the 8 triangles together to form a pinwheel & everything matched up perfectly & looked great.  Then I sewed 2 more triangles together to have 6 of 8 sewn together & things got a little wonky...

Kinda hard to tell from the picture but triangles 5 & 6 do not match up at ALL w/ the other triangles.  Oh well- there's always a Plan B!  & here is mine:

Pretty little squares!  These are a much better choice considering they're much faster to piece together & I've got t minus 10 days until the big day.

I sewed a total of 31 squares together last night.

Each square is about 10"x10" (I think...), give or take a bit for seam allowances.  I am going to alternate the above yellow & flower blocks w/ coordinating pink & bubble fabric blocks.

Tonight my goal is to get all of the above pink blocks sewed into the right side to right side blocks so that on Friday I can cut them up & piece them into usable 10" blocks.  Then the really fun part comes- piecing all of the blocks together into two pretty quilts!  :)

I have to get both of these quilts DONE by May 8... can I do it?!

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  1. I think you can, will you post finished photos, please?


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