November 3, 2009

martha strikes again

I've been getting some hate mail recently which has turned into workplace harrassment. I'm not pointing any fingers but it turns out that one person in the world is missing my blogging. I've decided that I owe it to my audience to return to publishing my random thoughts & observations on life. Ahh... it's good to be back in the saddle again. :)
Remember Martha's scary little bunny children? Well, she's done it again.

Really? Who thinks this is ok? There is a terrified looking baby in a ROASTED TURKEY COSTUME on a platter w/ garnishes! If we did this kind of thing in the hood I grew up in someone would call 241-KIDS. A rich, white lady does it & it's an empire. Oh, the humanity...


  1. Oh great - my nightmare is going to come back now that I've seen this for a second time!

    PS I have no idea who would be so rude as to send you hate mail in the workplace. Shame.

  2. that is the worst illustration ever, I'm kind of outraged, it's bad enough we put death on our tables to eat but to dress a child up as death...

  3. I would totally put Mia in that.


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