March 9, 2009

road trip- lebanon, ohio

Quilting w/ Kimmie hit the road this week! We took a drive to my favorite town in Ohio, Lebanon, for a quilt show.
We had a lot of fun looking at quilts, fabrics, patterns & all the other fun things that quilt shows have to offer. We got a lot of ideas for future projects (one of which I have already done... that will be another post!).

After a few hours at the quilt show, we decided to take a walk down Broadway to Village Ice Cream Parlor which is something everyone should do while in Lebanon. I have never seen Harper Valley PTA but I hear it was filmed there. We had yummy food & even better conversation.

And what did we see at the door? Yes, they were selling quilt cookies the size of a baseball mit.

As we were leaving, I took a last look around this cute little town one last time & saw this pleasant & comforting site three stories up in a church window-
What's not to appreciate about a day like that? :)


  1. Hey! I know that arm! I had a great time - here's to much quilting to come!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed your day in Lebanon. That photo is Mrs. Marjorie Donovan, at St. Patrick's Church's (Episcopal) window. Mrs. Donovan and her husband have two public schools in the town named after them and she played the organ at St. Patrick's for many years.

    You're always welcome at St. Pat's... we have some great quilters too!


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